March 4, 2019

Diana Davies

I was recently able to achieve Level 1 Arboretum Certification through the Tennessee Urban Forestry Council (TUFC) for our beautiful historic neighborhood in downtown Chattanooga, Tennessee. In the process of looking for tree identification signs, the TUFC recommended that I take a look at Plants Map for their ability to provide interactive plant labels. Bill Blevins took the time to explain the QR code benefit that Plants Map provides, being able to add a plethora of information about each tree that visitors to our arboretum can access by simply scanning the QR code with their smartphones! I ordered my 36 signs and the requisite hardware, which all arrived in perfect condition.

A couple of weeks ago, I placed another order for a few more signs to identify some recent additions to our arboretum. Two of the new trees are being dedicated in a weekend ceremony, in memory of neighbors who are no longer with us. (Another benefit of Plants Map is the ability to add a story about each tree. For the two trees commemorating our neighbors, I included short bios describing their contributions to our community so that anyone who passes by and scans the QR code can not only learn about the trees but also about those for whom they memorialize.) Bill sent the signs but I never received them. When I contacted Bill and explained my predicament and the urgency of needing the signs for the Dedication ceremony, he assured me that he would reprint them and overnight them to me. He did! They arrived just in time and I was able to place them in front of the trees, all set and ready for the much-anticipated ceremony!

It is with much appreciation that I highly recommend Plants Map, not only for their dedication to preserving and sharing information for the benefit of public education about our natural environment but for their personal and patient customer service.

Bill and Tracy Blevins and their staff have been incredibly helpful. They’re very knowledgeable and readily available to provide assistance. I look forward to a long ongoing relationship with them as partners in this ever-evolving project that is the Fort Wood Arboretum!

Thanks so much, guys!

Very Sincerely,

Diana Davies

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