We’re often asked if our Plants Map interactive tags link to other websites.

Our tags and signs are directly connected to your plant profiles hosted on Plants Map. This is where the interaction takes place with information provided by you including a reference link to your website.

The advantage to creating a free Plants Map profile and hosting your plants with us that you can gain more audience exposure just by being within our community.  You can add as many plants as you like to your profile creating a library of content and organize them into gardens and collections.

Your profile and plant pages can contain as much or as little information you want to provide including photos, the story about your plants, location of your plants, growing information and more. So our tags not only identify a plant, but also host a variety of content for you and connect users to your profile and to your website as well.

Once your profile is created, every plant page on your profile will have it’s own unique URL or web address. When you’re ready to create your interactive plant tags you can use the order form at the bottom of the plant page or for large orders or to import a spreadsheet email tags@plantsmap.com.

Not only can visitors to your garden experience your plant in a new way, but online visitors & users of the Plants Map community can also find and discover your organization based on the plant library you create.

We invite you to try Plants Map today to start growing your free profile and library of plants. We would also like to send you a free sample tag, just complete the form below. Thanks!