UC Davis fights climate change in the Torture Orchard

“There’s a hive of PhDs at the University of California at Davis who are working to reinvent food production in the Golden State. Researchers have fanned out across the globe collecting rare plant samples; others are grafting Frankenstein trees and stitching together root systems of plums and peaches to create better almond and walnut trees.”

“Some scientists are deconstructing crime scenes of withered and dying plants, gathering clues about what killed them. Others deprive trees of moisture or douse them with salty water, stress-testing the plants to understand how much they can withstand at experimental fields, including one that researchers call Torture Orchard.”

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The search is on to help California farmers find less-thirsty tree crops. But will the experiments come through in time as droughts intensify?
(College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences / University of California at Davis)

Which trees will live and which ones will die?
(Atlas Obscura)