The Plants Map Community By The Numbers

Survey participants share plant interests

Do you keep a list of your plants? How much time do you spend gardening every week? How much does your gardening habit cost you each year?

As we were launching Plants Map in February, we ran a survey to find out the answers to questions like those. We would like to share with you what we learned and share our appreciation for everyone who took the time to help us out. We were blown away by the overall participation from people all over the country. 35 states were represented! We were even more impressed that the completion rate on the survey was well above 90%. We have been told this was exceptional participation. Thank You!

Linda Joseph’s name was randomly picked from the 559 names of people that completed the survey. Linda has received a few Plants Map shirts and is now the proud owner of a brand new iPad Air! Linda is a master gardener in Hoover, Alabama, and we’ve heard through the grapevine that Linda has been telling her master gardener friends about Plants Map. Thanks again, Linda!

Master gardeners in Alabama, New York and Virginia distributed the survey invitation, as did the American Bonsai Society,Upstate Gardener’s Journal and Rochester Civic Garden Center. We also had hundreds of shares on Twitter and Facebook.

On to the results

89% of you shared that you are mid-level to experienced gardeners! WOW! We can’t wait to learn from you. You told us that your expertise and gardening interests are mostly related to growing ornamentals (62%), annuals (61%), vegetables (57%) and trees (56%). In a related question, your expertise with perennial plants, trees and shrubs slightly topped those who are into vegetable gardening. Most of you (71%) participate in some type of plant society or gardening group. You spend 6.9 hours per week gardening during the growing season, and you spend almost $1,100 on your plant purchases each year.

Over half of you keep lists of your plants, and of those folks, 59% write down their lists in journals or on pads of paper. Only a few of you keep your plant lists in a computer program or online, but 62% of you are interested in ways to keep those lists and use them on your mobile phone. This was an exciting result for us because it is exactly what we want to do with Plants Map! 67% of you think that putting identification on your plants is important, and 72% of you spend money on labeling your plants. 71% of you would like a better way to generate your plant tags, especially if they tied to your plant list. Most of you share photos of your gardens and plants online, and Facebook sharing was the most popular way to share. 86% of you research your plants online either before or after you purchase them.

Our good friend Greg Harmon was a huge help as we built, distributed and ran this survey. Greg is full of ideas, and he loves startups and statistics. His expertise is helping companies build, distribute and run surveys of all kinds. We’ve worked with him on surveys about other topics for at least 15 years, but over the past few weeks it has been especially fun to talk to him on the phone because the participation level of this survey was so high, you could feel his excitement as the results came in! Greg, as always, you are awesome, and we want to publicly say thanks! If anyone needs to survey a group, email us at [email protected] and we’ll put you in touch with Greg.

Once again, thank you for taking the Plants Map survey and we hope that you will soon be sharing what you’re planting and growing in your gardens with us!