Thank You FXBG and Made In FredVA

tracy-bill_fredVAWe wanted to say ‘Thank You’ from our team to everyone that participated in, organized, supported and attended the Made in FredVA Business Plan Competition.  This was the 2nd year of the event was hosted by the Next Generation of Business Leaders and the Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce. Thank you for continuing a great event that encourages innovation and supports creative ideas for business development in the area.

As one of five finalists this year, the judges chose Plants Map for the first place award. We are thrilled to continue to represent the Fredericksburg area with this award and want to continue to foster the growth of startups in the area.

 fredVA_eventRead more about the Made in FredVA event:

While the Made in FredVA Business Plan Competition is an annual event, startups in the Fredericksburg area can also participate weekly in a growing ecosystem supported by FredXChange.  We are proud to be involved with both the Fredericksburg Area Chamber of Commerce and FredXChange that nurture an environment that supports each other with the common goal of growing our community and diversity of businesses.

Let’s grow together!