September News & Updates

September_News__UpdatesNew Features: Post News, Add Comments, Plant List View, PDF Download

Post News –  You can now ‘Post’ what’s new and growing in your world to the Plants Map community at the top of the Home page News section feed. Your post will then show at the top of the News section on the Home page, Explore page and your Profile page. Share botanical or horticultural announcements, events, or links to news or stories from the Internet and Plants Map. Give it a try and introduce yourself. Learn More: Post What’s New & Growing in Your World

Add a Comment – We have added the ability for users to make comments on 1) a news post and 2) a plant profile. Users can now comment or ask a question on a plant profile at the bottom of the Plant Details section on a plant profile. Learn more: Can I add a comment? Yes.

Plant List View – You now have the option to view your plants in a photo grid or in a list by name. This option is available from your My Plants Map page viewing your plants. Soon this list view will also be available for each of your collections as well as when viewing plants and collections of others. Learn more: Can I see a list view of plants?

Plant PDF Downloads – We are temporarily trying out a new feature: a Download PDF of your plants. These were designed to be used as ‘bench cards’ for plant vendors, garden centers, etc. If you have feedback on this feature please let us know. Access is temporary and will become a paid add-on feature. Look for the Download PDF option at the top of one of your plant profiles to test it out and give us your thoughts.

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Live Chat Sessions – Have questions about Plants Map? We are introducing a Live Chat schedule to help introduce new users to Plants Map and showcase our newly added features. We will include a Q&A period at the end of each session to answer your questions. If the dates and times don’t work for you just let us know and we can arrange to do a one on one session. Learn more: Live Chat Sessions

Cossey Park Tags Completed – As many of you know the first profile that was launched during our formation at Startup Weekend Fredericksburg was the Cossey Botanical Park Arboretum. We are excited to share that we have provided 116 tags for the remainder of the arboretum.  Learn more: Cossey Park tags Now in Place to Educate Visitors

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