Post: What’s new and growing in your world?

postIt’s finally here! The ability to Post to the News sections of Plants Map is now live. We invite you to say, “Hello” and introduce yourself.

Posts can include a message, a photo and a website URL link.

Posts can be about your activity on Plants Map as well as other botanical or horticulture news, topics, announcements and websites.

How do I Post?

  1. Sign In or Sign Up
  2. Go to the HOME section of Plants Map
  3. Post

Your Post will be seen at the top of the News section of the Home page, the Explore page, and your Profile page. The next person to Post will then be seen at the top of the News section of the Home and Explore pages.

We will be adding more enhancements to this feature such as the ability to comment on Posts made by others and mention notifications.

We encourage you to share about plants, gardening and all topics that relate to horticulture. Please keep it botanically based.

All other posts off-topic or unrelated to the subject matter of Plants Map may be removed.