Plants Map to guest host #Treechat

Do you connect with trees? What is Plants Map?

Plants Map will guest host #Treechat on December 16 at 2pm ET on Twitter.

dawnredwoodWe will be talking about Plants Map and how we want to connect people with plants and trees. We also want to invite you to share about how you connect with trees. Here’s a sample of the Q&A:

  • Do you have memories of planting trees?
  • Do you have photos of yourself or others with trees?
  • Do you keep photos of your favorite trees?
  • Do you have personal stories about a tree or memorable experiences.
  • Have you traveled to visit trees?
  • What is it about trees that you bond with?
  • What was your earliest tree experience?
  • Have you ever wanted to give your voice to a tree to share its story?

Plants Map is a new community to connect people with plants. We create bonds with trees in many different ways. Trees have been landmarks, navigation points and markers of historic events. They are planted to memorialize others or to mark special occassions or events in our lives. Many have a special tree they visit.  We want to allow people to document and capture those meaningful trees and connections on Plants Map. Like the Dawn Redwood in this photo, we think every tree has a story and we want people to be able to share those on Plants Map.

#Treechat is a weekly open Twitter chat organized and hosted by Chris Sabresse of @CoronaTools. The chats cover a wide range of topics of interest to all skil levels with various guest hosts such as the Arbor Day Foundation, Bartlett Tree Experts and others. Recent topics include the Science of Autumn, Winter Tree Prep, and Trees for Winter Interest. #Treechat is one of three chats weekly organized by Corona Tools as part of a Green Industry Leaders Network. Previous chats have been documented on their Storify account at

Plants Map is a regular #Treechat participaten and we are excited to be invited as a guest host. Please join us on #Treechat, December 16 at 2pm ET and share about your experiences with trees.