Plants Map a supporting partner in Armitage’s Great Garden Plants App

armitage-app-partnersThis is huge for me.  More than 16 years ago with our first house, I started gardening. To help figure things out, one of the first books I remember was Allan Armitage’s Garden Perennials. Next I studied Armitage’s Native Plants.

I had never heard of Armitage, had never met him or heard him speak. But I was hooked. Hooked on horticulture and Armitage.

Since then, I have met Dr. A and who would have thought I would see myself in his app, Armitage’s Great Garden Plants!

I share his passion for connecting more people with plants…after all he is partly to blame for me becoming a chlorophyl addict.

The app is really amazing and can put all those books with his sage advice and top picks in anyone’s pocket.

It’s a great compliment to what we are doing at Plants Map…helping to bridge generations with a new way of information gathering, saving and sharing about plants. We are thrilled to be included as a supporting partner.

Armitage's App



I hope you will download his app>>>  Armitage’s Great Garden Plants




And also follow his organization profile on Plants Map too>>>

Allan Armitage on Plantsmap