The ‘Near Me’ filter is available on the site wide Plants Map Plant Finder, our Interactive Map, and on Plus and Premium profiles using the publicly visible My Plant Finder profile search.

The ‘Near Me’ filter displays plants meeting the Plant Finder basic plant story profile requirements and that have been mapped with publicly visible map pins.

For Plant Explorers

The ‘Near Me’ filter on the Plant Finder allows you to create a customized map based on your search criteria and a specified location.

There are two ways to find plants using the ‘Near Me’ filter. You can enter specific location (zip, city or state) or you can click the ‘Locate me’ button.

You’ll need to allow to know your location in order for the ‘Locate me’ to work properly. Watch how to find plants near me.

The ‘Near Me’ and ‘To Visit’ filters when turned on together will create a map of plants at public landscapes near the location you’ve set.

In a future update, the ‘Near Me’ filter will also be added to the community map page so you can search for collections, profiles, organizations, and resources near a location you’ve set.

Profile Visitor Experience

The ‘Near Me’ filter on the profile specific My Plant Finder tool creates an enhanced visitor experience that allows users to create a map of your plants based on their search results and their location.

The ‘Locate me’ option will allow the visitor to locate themselves within the ‘Near Me’ results. This is an especially useful mobile feature on smartphones or tablets when visitors are exploring plants while they are at your landscape. This feature will help navigate them to plants they want to visit in your landscape, creating an interactive experience.

The combination of the ‘Near Me’ and ‘Locate me’ buttons are part of development we’re doing on a virtual tour module that will be available to Premium subscribers later this year.

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