Plants Map Journal March 2016 Updates

Spring is finally here! We are excited to grow with you this season and we wanted to share a few announcements and highlights of collections and profiles from our community. We try to only send one email each month, and March was busy so this is a little longer than normal. We hope you enjoy the updates.

The Iris Tab launched today!

The Iris Tab, our first custom plant details tab is now live. At the suggestion of our users, we are building a library of custom tabs to add to plant page pages. These customized tabs will let you capture plant-specific details for collectors, hybridizers, growers and plant vendors.

A Rose Tab is next to launch and we’re looking for users with expertise in Hosta, Daylily to help refine those tabs and do some testing.

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Hot off the wire


The new “My Tags” feature is getting good reviews and everyone is telling us how much easier it is to organize their tag and sign orders. It is pretty unique and so we decided to send out a “real” press release. We would love it if you could help us spread the word by sharing this next link anyone that may be considering labels for their garden or with anyone who might write a story about this new tool. Thanks for helping us get the word out! Here’s the link to the release:

Plants Map Makes it Easy to Order Interactive Plant Tags to Enhance the Experience of Any Landscape

Also this month, the Washington Gardener wrote a great story about how and why Plants Map got started. Thank you Seema and Kathy!

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Featured Profiles


Annkatrin Rose: From seedlings to butterflies a biologists natural world unfolds on Plants Map

“This year’s first seedling is working its way out of its dead coat on my windowsill,” she wrote next to a close-up photo showing an embryonic plant creeping up from its seed covering. “It reminds me a bit of a baby chick still wet with yolk trying to shake off its egg shell.”

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William C. Coker Garden: Restored private landscape of UNC botanist William C. Coker lives on

“I think he was trying to plant things that had hundreds of years to live so that they would be enjoyed by future generations,” Burns said. “It’s a botanical jewel, and I hope it would remain as such as the town continues to grow around it.”

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Bren Haas: The Social Gardener

“It’s really nice to have people look at your plants online and just be encouraged, show it off a little. I kind of missed that from being in town, when people would actually change their walking routes to go by my garden,” she said. “Putting my garden online was kind of the same experience.”

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Community Spotlight

Using Plants Map to document your springs bulbs (especially where you planted them) can be enjoyable and useful year round. Our community spotlight is on the Fredericksburg and Spotsylvania National Military Park’s Spring at Chatham Manor Collection.

Resource Marketplace

You may have noticed the new Resource section on Plants Map. We are adding tools so that Resources can promote their horticultural products and services on the site. If you would like to be included as a Resource, please Contact Us for further details. If you have a favorite business, catalog, brand or service provider please let them know you’d love to see them as a Resource on Plants Map.

As we prepare to launch a suite of new tools for Resources to promote their horticultural events, products and services, we’ve updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy as of March 1, 2016.


Plants Map is a proud sponsor America in Bloom 2016

Best wishes to the 2016 America in Bloom participants that are planting pride in their communities. If your community is participating in AIB 2016, please let them know the free tools on Plants Map to promote their projects this summer.

Plants Map is more fun with others so remember to invite friends, staff, volunteers, visitors, and customers to follow your profile or connect with your organization on Plants Map.

Happy Spring,

The Plants Map Team,
Bill, Tracy, Chris & Emily