Plants Map featured in Garden Center Magazine Cover Story

Plants Map featured in Garden Center Magazine ‘New Tools of the Trade’ article exploring technology that helps consumers and retailers share plant information together.

Garden Center Magazine Features – Cover Story: New Tools of the Trade

Cutting-edge programs and technologies to help retailers improve their customer service, sales, branding and local connections.
October 17, 2016 – By Conner Howard and Michelle Simakis

Excerpt from the interview with Plants Map Cofounder, Tracy Blevins:
Plants Map: going beyond tags 

What began as a way to organize disparate and scattered personal gardening information has expanded into a connected and thriving community of gardeners and businesses sharing knowledge and finding solutions together.

“Garden centers have signs on their walls [saying] ‘plants for shade,’ ‘plants for sun’ and ‘plants for pollinators.’ What we would like to do is work with garden centers to get those sheets off their walls and go beyond PDFs and get them all on customers’ phones on Plants Map … before they even get to the store.

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Thank you Garden Center Magazine for the interview and including us in this article!

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