Plants Map Ejournal September 2019

Change is in the air! We hope you are enjoying a beautiful start to Autumn. “Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.” ~Albert Camus

News & Updates

Map Page Update: We are very excited to announce that our community map page has been updated with new search filters and near me results. These enhanced search tools will make it easier for you to connect with more plants, collections and especially public landscapes to visit. This is the second in a series of enhancements to our mapping tools. The next enhancement in the coming month will be the ability to turn a collection into a virtual tour.  Learn more about our subscription tiers and features.

Tokens for Trees: Plants Map is seeking organizations that are interested in learning about a new project to build a blockchain service to help fundraise via your trees and conservation related projects. Learn more about Tokens for Trees.

Follow the Monarchs: We are happy to announce that we joined up with the Monarch Ultra as a sponsor! This team of pollinator advocates and film-makers are documenting the flight of the monarch butterfly as seen through the eyes of ultra-runners. The Monarch Ultra Relay Run began on September 19: Follow the monarch butterfly migration with the Monarch Ultra relay run.

Fall Foliage Maps: Planning a fall foliage getaway? Here are some websites to help you find peak foliage to plan your leaf peeping travels: Fall Foliage Links and Maps.  

Fall Foliage Updates: Fall is a great time to update your Plants Map tree profiles with fall foliage photos to encourage people to visit your public garden, arboretum, or landscape. Watch a short video on how to update your plants and profile settings to be found by plant explorers using the new Plant Finder to visit and near me search filters. In September, October, and November we will select fall foliage tree updates from our community of public landscapes to share on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn

NGB 2020 Campaigns: National Garden Bureau announces the 2020 “Year of the” campaigns: Iris, Lantana, Corn, Lavender and Hydrangea.  This year it’s time to celebrate the 2019 edible campaign – Year of the Pumpkin

AIB People’s Choice Award: Voting is open for the 2019 America in Bloom – YouTube Video -People’s Choice Award. Watch five contestant videos and vote for your favorite AIB planting pride community. Voting ends October 5th. 

Connecting People With Hort Jobs: Post your seasonal, temp, volunteer, part-time or full time green industry jobs with us at

Tree Signs & Hardware Tips: Bill Blevins demonstrates how to attach our sign and tree mounting hardware to trees. Learn the proper way to attach them and why you need occasionally ‘spring’ them back.

New Features Webinar: If you missed our last new features webinar, you can now watch the recorded version with notes. Topics include profile settings, email notifications, and enhancements to the My Plant Finder tool. 

Updated Help: What Can I Map on Plants Map with video on how to delete a map pin.

Featured Event: October 19 Fall Festival at Columbia Gardens Cemetery  

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More to Explore

Chokeberry Chippewa Valley Tech College

Nero Chokeberry
by Chippewa Valley Technical College

Oakleaf Tree Walk by Arboretum at Linden Ponds

Oakleaf Tree Walk
by the Arboretum at Linden Ponds

Our September 2019 cover photo feature is
Oryza sativa ‘Black Madras’ – Ornamental Rice

Oryza sativa 'Black Madras' Ornamental Rice

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