We hope your October has been beautiful in flower, foliage, and gourd!  

News & Updates:

ACS NER Tours: We recently attended the American Conifer Society Northeast Region meeting and enjoyed a visit to the Gotelli Conifer Collection and National Bonsai and Penjing Museum at the U.S. National Arboretum.

Plants to Visit: To be seen in our Plant Finder purpose filter of Plants to Visit, please remember to edit your organization profile setting as a public landscape.

New Resource: Welcome Prairie Nursery to our Resource section and Plants to Buy plant finder results! Prairie Nursery specializes in native plants that range from the Midwestern prairies and Great Plains to the Eastern woodlands. Follow Prairie Nursery on Plants Map.

Core Plants Growing: We now have nearly 100 Core Plants available via the Plant Finder tool. Learn more about Core Plants.

Abelia Change: Abelia is now a former plant genus that has been reclassified into Linnaea or Zabelia depending on the plant species. If you have documented an Abelia on Plants Map, please update your botanical name or taxonomy with the appropriate new genus and species. If you grow the popular Abelia × grandiflora, please note that has change to Linnaea × grandiflora.

Pumpkin Trivia: 10 things that you might not know about this fruit in the Pumpkin Collection by Tracy Blevins.

The Beet Goes On: There’s still time to enjoy beets! Learn more about Year of the Beet from the National Garden Bureau and warm up with a NGB Hearty Beet Soup Recipe too.

Spotting Hardy Orchids: Thank you Peggy Riccio, author of the DC area horticultural blog pegplant.com, for recently visiting the landscape of co-founders Bill and Tracy Blevins and posting a great write-up on Spotting Hardy Orchids in Spotsylvania.

Time to Chill: Run out of time to plant your bulbs? Save those blooms for an Indoor Bulb Garden instead.

Website Update: We are nearing the launch of a new development platform or our website by the beginning of November that will improve the functionality and design of our website in many ways. Watch for a separate email soon on this update.

Resources Wanted: We want to expand the businesses, brands, plant vendors and service providers in our Resource section and Plants to Buy plant finder results. Please invite your favorite business to contact us!

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Our October 2018 cover photo feature is
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