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I am often asked about our tagline, Connecting People With Plants. I know the phrase has different meanings to different people depending on how they use our website. For me it’s a personal meaning. It means to connect a story about a plant to a person, organization, cause, event or memory. To me, the ability to add a personal connection or memory is what makes Plants Map unique. Thank you for sharing some of your stories with us. We look forward to learning about new connections as well.

News & Updates:

Website Updates: We are very excited to announce that we are now able to move forward since our major platform migration with new enhancements and features. This month we focused on improving the organization profile edit page, adding online payments and automation for subscriptions tiers and services, and improving the Buy It plants feature. For more details see Developer Updates March 2019.

Buy It Plants Update: When we launched our Plant Finder tool, we included a purpose filter for plants to buy as a way to offer an opportunity to find plants available from our Resource members that help to support our website. We would like to thank Conifer Kingdom and Prairie Nursery for testing and participating in our Buy It plants service. Stay tuned for more plant vendor announcements coming soon! We’ve seen the plant lists and they are really good. To be seen in our Plant Finder purpose filter of plants to buy, profiles can now sign-up online as a Resource and enroll in our Buy It service.

2019 Plants of the Year: We have put together our annual list of plants that have received an honor of distinction from various different entities to help you pick reliable and winning plants from your landscapes. The list includes annuals, perennials, edibles, bulbs, shrubs and more. New this year are the most searched for and viewed plants on 2019 Plants of the Year

It’s Electric: Congratulations to our Resource member Bloomin Easy® Plant Collection on recently receiving the Canada Blooms 2019 Plant of the Year honor for their Electric Love™ Weigela. See more of the Bloomin Easy® Plant Collection on

New AAS Winners: A potato from seed, a new beefsteak tomato, marigolds with really big blooms, a stunning red zinnia and a polka dot vinca are the latest AAS Winners added to the All-America Selections profile on

2019 New Plants Video: Earlier this month Tracy gave a live webinar on new plants coming to your garden center this year from her experiences at the California Spring Trials 2018. That webinar has been recorded and uploaded to our YouTube channel. If you are still on a weather delay or undecided on your choices for this season, take a moment to enjoy some plant predictions for your 2019 season. 2019 New Plants Video

Geek Out: Our next lunch break webinar presentation will be from Bill Blevins on 30 geeky tech tips and tricks to use in your garden this year. Join Bill on April 19th at 12:00 pm EDT for 30 in 30 with the #GeekyGardener. Bill will be giving a similar presentation at the Horticultural Horizons event on April 30th at the Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden (VA).

Upcoming Webinars: In May we plan to do a webinar on our new features coming soon. We also want to hear from you on ideas and topics for more monthly lunch break webinars. Send Tracy an email at with suggestions or presenters.

Featured Event: Colonial Williamsburg’s 73rd Annual Garden Symposium “Garden Design: TrendS & Traditions” on April 26 – 28.

Event Reminders: The most wonderful time of the year is coming up next month with both Earth Day on April 22 and National Arbor Day on April 26.  Learn how to add your tree plantings, garden tours, special events, and more to our events page.


AHS River Farm: The Annual Spring2ACTion Fundraiser to help support AHS River Farm is underway from now until April 10. Learn more about this fundraiser for RIver Farm and the American Horticultural Society.  

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Spring Back Reminder: If you have used our tree attachment hardware for tags or signs, this is a ‘spring back’ reminder to check your trees. As the tree grows, the spring will begin to compress and push against the tag and sign. Loosen the screw a few turns to expand the spring again and you are set for another year. Doing a spring back check is also a great time to make updates to your plants and to do an inventory and tree assessment as well.

Seasonal Articles:  

See more posts from the Plants Map community news feed  

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