We hope you are enjoying the last full month of summer! The season has gone by fast but we are still growing with new profiles and plants daily. Our latest featured profile journals share the stories of city beautification in Waxahachie TX and creative learning at The University of Central Florida Arboretum.  Our ‘More to Explore’ section highlights: Rose Swampmallow by the Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge, The Peace Garden Collection by Rady Park Arboretum and the Centralia Foundation Park profile.   

Help articles of the month: How to size photos for Plants Map and social media | How to make seed packets from your Plantsmap.com profiles.

News & Updates

Perennial Plant of the Year™: The Perennial Plant Association recently announced at their annual symposium in July that the 2018 Perennial Plant of the Year™ will be the Ornamental Allium ‘Millenium’. Our cover photo this month features this beautiful summer perennial. See stories of Allium ‘Millenium’ on Plants Map.

Buffalo Gardens at GWA 2017: In August we attended the GWA Annual Conference hosted in Buffalo, NY by Gardens Buffalo Niagara and GardenWalk Buffalo.  See links below for some of the highlights of the conference and gardens visited:

American Conifer Society Conference: We also had the opportunity to attend the ACS Nationals hosted this year by the Northwest Region in the Syracuse NY area. Get a glimpse inside some fantastic conifer collector gardens via this collection: ACS National Conference, Syracuse NY.

Reminder to Bee Counted: If you have a pollinator collection or profile on Plants Map please consider registering with the Million Pollinator Garden Challenge as a Plants Map affiliation to help raise the awareness of plants for pollinators. Thanks!  

Plants Do That: The new National Initiative for Consumer Horticulture (NICHE) released a #PlantsDoThat infographic campaign to share the benefits of consumer horticulture from various aspects of enriching communities to creating jobs and much more. For more information on NICHE and to download the #PlantsDoThat infographic visit consumerhort.org

The Nut Job 2: The National Wildlife Federation is teaming up with the creators of the animated film The Nut Job 2: Nutty by Nature and the other partners to encourage families to help conserve their local parks. Learn about urban wildlife and how you can plant Trees for Wildlife!

Make a Connection: Did you know that you can connect with the following organizations on Plants Map if you are a participating or certified landscape: ArbNet, America in Bloom,  All-America Selections, and The National Wildlife Federation. Learn how to connect organization profiles | What’s the difference between follow and connect?

Seed Your Future:  Seed Your Future is an organization that seeks to excite youth about careers in horticulture. We need more youth interested in this course of study starting as young as middle school. Efforts include working with teachers, parents, students, schools and employers. Learn about Seed Your Future | View their Scholarship Resources | View our Green Industry Scholarships Journal.  

Gifts for Gardeners:We are working on putting together another ‘Gifts for Gardeners’ journal this year that was very popular on social media last year. We select gifts to feature from members of our Resources section. If you are interested in featuring your products on Plants Map please contact us. The ‘Gifts for Gardeners’ journal will go live by mid-November.  

More to Explore

Our August 2017 cover photo feature is Allium ‘Millenium’
(2018 Perennial Plant of the Year™ from the Perennial Plant Assocation )

Swamp Rosemallow
by the Wertheim National Wildlife Refuge

Peace Garden
by Rady Park Arboretum

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