Happy April! A thoughtful reminder from my Davey Tree Experts calendar: “He who plants a tree, plants a hope.” ~ Lucy Larcom. We hope you have been celebrating Earth Day and Arbor Day this month and will continue planting ‘hope’ with us all year long. Let’s dig in.

News & Updates:

“Arbor Day is not like other holidays. Each of those reposes on the past, while Arbor Day proposes for the future.” – J. Sterling Morton. Learn about the history of Arbor Day and connect with ArbNet on Plants Map.

The importance of trees: Celebrate Arbor Day Every Day by Tracy Blevins.

Why Do I Need to Take a Tree Inventory? A good tree inventory can improve their environmental impact…and for generations to come.

CA Spring Trials: Tracy Blevins has returned from her CA Spring Trials adventures with the National Garden Bureau. Day by day botanical inspiration can be explored here: NGB CA Spring Trials Collection. Thanks again to the National Garden Bureau for inviting Tracy to be one of this years NGB Plant Nerds!

Dr. Armitage on Plantsmap.com tags: You never know where our Plants Map plant tags will pop-up next. Thank you Dr. Armitage for sharing this video with us! | Follow Dr. Armitage on Plantsmap.com.  

Congratulations to Toyota Texas: Take a virtual tour of their new 11,000 square foot Pollinator & Wildlife Demonstration Garden.

Upcoming Events: Did you know May 11 is Public Gardens Day? Just a reminder to add your flower show, plant sale, or other special garden relate events to Plantsmap.com.

Help Article of the Month: 10 ways public landscapes can use Plantsmap.com to further educational outreach, gain accreditation and more. This is a great handout for presentations or grant proposals.

Do you garden for wildlife? The National Wildlife Federation’s Garden for Wildlife™ program would like to know. Take a short survey and also enter their Habitat Helpers giveaway.

Now Hiring? List your full time, part time, seasonal help, internships, or volunteer opportunities on jobs.Plantsmap.com.

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Featured Event

2018 American Conifer Society National Meeting
Hosted by the Southeast Region in Raleigh, NC

More to Explore

Willow Oak
by Wendell Tree Board

Oak Hill Cemetery & Arboretum
by City of Evansville (IN)

Vander Veer Botanical Park
Davenport, IA

Our April 2018 cover photo feature is Flowering Dogwood (Cornus florida)

Plants Do That: NICH, the National Initiative for Consumer Horticulture, wants to know what’s at the top of your list for creating and protecting a healthy environment through gardening? |  Learn more about NICH and share the #PlantsDoThat infographics.

AAS Garden to Table Videos: Learn how to best prepare your favorite AAS winners this summer with a new video cooking series from AAS featuring chef Jonathan Bardzik. You will be a foodie in no time!

Microchipped Cacti: So Many Cacti Are Getting Stolen From Arizona’s National Park, They’re Being Microchipped from Travel and Leisure.

Urban Transformation: 11 ugly urban underpasses now functioning as public parks from Curbed.

Succulent Smugglers Caught: The CA Department of Fish and Wildlife investigators busted a ring poachers that were scaling coastal bluffs and removing plants by the thousands from CBS SFBayArea News.

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