If you have an inventory of plants and trees in a spreadsheet or a database, we can import that for you and create the plant web pages automatically. An Excel file or a .csv file is the preferred method for us to be able to import plant lists easily. Contact us and we can send […]

Plants Map started making interactive horticultural tags and signs in 2014. We now have signs in use in private and public gardens all over the world. Plants Map Tags and Signs can now be found in a new building marking indoor plants at Brigham Young University, in the Utility Line Arboretum at Virginia Tech, marking […]

Plants Map interactive tags and signs link via a QR Code to a unique page for each of your plants. Using your “My Tags” page in the “My Plants Map” section of your profile, you can customize the lines of text you want to appear on your interactive tags and signs and generate an order form […]

Plants Map connects people with plants by providing a social network of profiles with their hosted plant collections and information about specific plants that can be shared with others. We host your plant pages under your profile so that you can also share them to other social websites and create an engaged audience on Plants Map. […]

Yes, you can submit your plants in a list or a spreadsheet file and we can upload them. Here’s how: Sign up to start a free profile  If you are creating a plant list for an organization, create an individual profile first and then add the organization from your profile menu. Create your Import spreadsheet (see details below […]

The material that coats the aluminum plates we use to for Plants Map Tags and Signs has been tested by the manufacturer in simulated outdoor conditions and it has been designed to last for more than 10 years. The black coating has been tested to resist fading from heat exposure, UV and sunlight exposure and […]

We have a number of different templates from which to choose, so that’s a hard question to answer. However, as a general rule, you can plan on 30 characters per line. Of course, there are always exceptions. For instance, if you would like to include a name which contains a lot of capital ‘M’s, it’s […]

Plants Map signs can be attached to 20″ aluminum stakes. Some public gardens that we work with have a method of putting the end of their stakes in a can, like a coffee can and then filling it with concrete and then burying the can. Believe it or not, we’ve heard of this method from […]

We attach Plants Map Tags and Signs to the metal stakes with an outdoor double-sided tape from 3M™. The material is crazy strong. We cannot remove a sign from a stake without ruining the tag or sign. The tape is made by 3M™ and is called VHB double-sided tape and made for exterior use and […]

The aluminum material is 4mm thick and it is about the thickness of a credit card, if not a little thicker. It is rigid and will not bend easily. The surface is a painted satin matte finish and is a military spec coating tested for 12 years to stand up against UV, chemicals, temperature extremes and […]