It’s finally here! The ability to Post to the News sections of Plants Map is now live. We invite you to say, “Hello” and introduce yourself. Posts can include a message, a photo and a website URL link. Posts can be about your activity on Plants Map as well as other botanical or horticulture news, […]

We’ve been busy here at Plants Map and we want to update you on new features we’ve recently added to enhance your user experience. FOLLOW other users: Users can now Follow individuals and organizations that are of interest to them. Following other profiles will customize your Home page experience with updates from those that you […]

Yes! Plants added to Plants Map can now be exported into an Excel spreadsheet. Here’s how to Export your plant list. From your “My Plants Map” page, you will now see a blue-green button at the top. Click this button and a file that can be opened in Excel will download to your computer or mobile […]

You have the option to add captions to each of your photos within a plant, collection or subcollection photo gallery. Note that there is a 50 character limit on the captions. New Photos: When you add a new photo to a plant, collection or subcollection you will see a caption field below the photo. Existing Photos: To add […]

On Plants Map users have the social ability to Follow other profiles of individuals, organizations and resources. This will customize your Home page based on your interests. Request to Connect with an organization’s profile network. Approved connections are shown within the Network section on a profile page. You will only see the option to “connect” on an organization or resource profile, […]

After you make a sign-in and follow other profiles on Plants Map your Home page content will become customized based on profiles you are following.

If you want to share landscape or other photos related to a collection you can add those into the Collection Photo gallery section. On a Collection, you have three sections: Subcollections – Groupings of plants within this collection. Plants – Displays plants that have been added to this Collection and Subcollections. Photos – Photos that […]

When you first sign in to Plants Map the profile menu indicates that you are using Plants Map as My Profile, or your personal, individual profile. This allows users to have 1 sign in with the ability to add multiple organizations and switch between profiles on Plants Map.   You must have both types of profiles: an individual sign […]

Websites with grant resources and other fundraising opportunities for landscapes, gardens, and other horticulture programs.