The aluminum material is 4mm thick and it is about the thickness of a credit card, if not a little thicker. It is rigid and will not bend easily. The surface is a painted satin matte finish and is a military spec coating tested for 12 years to stand up against UV, chemicals, temperature extremes and […]

Displaying interpretive signs and tags in gardens can be done in many ways. We’ve designed Plants Map Tags and Signs to be used in multiple ways. The real answer here really depends on the specific plant or tree and whether or not you are using signs and tags for your own use or for your […]

There is no minimum order when you want a Plants Map Tag or Sign. You can order as many or as few as you wish at a time. Since the Plants Map Tags and Signs and particularly the stakes are made of metal, the cost of shipping should be considered when ordering in small batches. […]

Our average turnaround time from the initial order placement to delivery is between 10 and 20 days. We find that the proofing and approval process takes the longest time. If we can get correct information quickly we turn a proof around in about one business day. Once the proof is approved, we usually make the […]

We are often asked what is embedded in the QR code on Plants Map Tags and Signs. The QR code holds the URL to the webpage for the plant profile created by you under your profile on Plants Map. When scanned by a QR reader it shows your unique plant webpage and any information you provided. You […]

When a plant is added to Plants Map, the QR code is automatically generated using the URL for that specific plant webpage that was just created. Each Plants Map Tag and Sign uses a QR code that links to the web page for your unique plant. You do not need create your own QR codes […]

We are often asked if we send out sample tags and signs so that people can experience this product in person. Yes, we can send a free sample Tag. However, we can’t offer free sample Signs. The free sample Tag is of the same material just a different size. To request a sample tag create […]

After you add a plant to Plants Map, that plant information and photos will live permanently on a webpage on the site. The link or URL for that plant web page is what we use to create the QR Code on the interactive Plants Map Tags and Signs. When a visitor to your garden scans […]

Happy New Year! January 15 marked Plants Map’s first anniversary! We sincerely thank all of our early adopters and supporters who helped us grow.  We look forward to continuing to develop with you. Spring is around the corner and there is no better time to create a profile and share what you are growing. Throughout […]

Updated on January 8, 2018 We’ve manufactured thousands of interactive plant tags and signs that use quick response codes known as “QR Codes” that link to pages on We check every QR code before we ship our tags and signs but occasionally get comments from users that their QR code readers don’t work. While many […]