Explore ResourcesMany of you are aware that we’ve been working on building a new section of the site where you can find product and service providers related to horticulture and growing plants. We’ve been calling this the Resource Marketplace. I’m happy to share several updates on where we are with this new section of Plants Map including the launch of product listings, display ads and other marketing opportunities.

The Resource Marketplace was conceived of as a way for organizations, without plants, to participate on Plants Map and share how they are connected to people with plants. These Resources may have products related to horticulture, plants and gardening, or they may provide a service such as landscape planning or management.

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Resource profiles are an upgraded organization profile

Our goal for the Resource Marketplace is to provide an easy search tool for our visitors and users to find Resources by location and type of product or service via their smartphones, tablets, or computers.

Search Resources

Resources will also have access to: 

  • Product Listings: an additional feature will be the ability to ad  products or service listings to your profile.  There will be options that meet the needs of small businesses to large companies.
  • Advertising: The option to promote a product, service or display ad on our Explore and Journal pages.
  • ‘Buy it’ Plant Tab: For plant vendors, a subscription to a ‘Buy It’ tab on your plant pages linking to your website or e-commerce portal.
  • Additional digital marketing and advertising opportunities.

Future plans are to provide Plants Map Resources with a store front and the ability to run ad units on a network of other websites that relate to gardening and horticulture.

We’re so excited and I’m obviously typing a lot here so I’ll stop and just end with restating our core mission. We think and work every day towards the goal of connecting people with plants. There are so many individuals, organizations and businesses that share similar goals of making their lives, communities and world a better place by sharing their passion for horticulture. Plants Map is the place where those connections can be made to grow a better world together.