How to make seed packets with links

I wanted to share my way of making seed packets that includes using a link to plants on Plants Map for more information. I try to squeeze what I can on an envelope label, but there is always so much more information with photos that can be shared from one of our digital plant profiles.


Envelopes: My preferred choice for making a seed packet is a coin envelope that is 3 ⅜” tall x 6” wide.  You can usually find these within an office supply section or at an office supply store.

Stickers: I use shipping label stickers that are 2” x 4” (Avery 18163) or sometimes 3 ½” x 5” (Avery 5168).  In the example pictured here, it is a 2” x 4” label.  

Information to include:

I use the appropriate label template to setup and my document.  I like to include the following:

  • Common name
  • Botanical name
  • Category of plant: shrub, vine, annual, perennial, etc
  • Sun preference
  • Size

Learn More Link

Then I include a learn more link to the plant on Plants Map using the url link found in the web address at the top of the plant profile page. The URL can be abbreviated to end with the ‘slug’ number for the plant:

For example:  is is

For an organization’s plant: is

See Back For More

I will also sometimes make a another label for the back of the packet with more tips and details on sowing the seed.

  • How far in advance to start the seeds before a last frost.
  • Days to germination.
  • How deeply to sow.
  • Does the seed require stratification or soaking in water.
  • Does the seed require light or darkness.
  • Does the seed need warm or cold soil to germinate.
  • Is it best to direct sow outdoors or indoors.

This is how I like to save, store and share my seeds. By providing a link to our plant profiles, and experiences with growing a plant, it is my hope that I can better ensure success for the next seed starting adventurer.

Happy seed gathering, starting, and sharing.  

Tracy Blevins
Plants Map: Connecting People With Plants

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