Invite to connect All-America Selections Display Gardens on Plants Map is excited to work with and support All-America Selections (AAS) by inviting AAS Display Gardens to connect on Plants Map.

We invite AAS display gardens to visit to learn how to:

  • Sign-up and add your organization to establish your free profile.
  • Connect with the All-America Selections profile at on Plants Map to join their network map of display gardens.  
  • Begin your free My Plants Map digital plant library that can act as an educational, marketing and visitor engagement tool in one. Features include the ability to create your own plant pages and collections, mapping tools, social marketing tools, and optional interactive plant tags.
  • Learn more about our optional interactive signage with a custom All-America Selections template that displays the AAS logo on our interactive tags and signs. Learn more about our My Tags interactive plant tags.
  • Attend a weekly demo to get a brief guided tour of how to begin or contact us to schedule a demo for your organization.

We look forward to engaging more visitors with the All-America Selections Display Gardens and supporting their mission of promoting superior garden varieties.

Please feel free to contact Tracy Blevins for more information or if you have questions on getting started.

Connect with All-America Selections on Plants Map

If you are already an existing AAS Display Garden simply choose ‘connect’ on the All-America Selections profile at on Plants Map to send a request to join their network and map of display gardens.

Welcome All-America Selections Display Gardens