iris-immortalityCan you answer “Yes” to these questions?

  • Do you know the difference between a Tall Bearded Iris and a Miniature Tall Bearded Iris?
  • Do you count rose petals?
  • Do you know how to measure the DBH of a tree?
  • Do you know the difference between a tetraploid and diploid daylily?
  • Do you keep details on your plants in lists?
  • Do you obsess over the organization of your plantings, labeling, and maps?
  • Do you enjoy experimenting with and creating new introductions?
  • Is there always room for one more plant in your collection?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might be a plant collector and we have built a new tool for you! This week we are introducing the ability to customize individual plant pages with tabs designed to meet the record keeping needs of specific growers and enthusiasts who grow or manage a specific type of plant.

Custom plant tabs were developed to give collectors and growers the ability to record more detailed information for specific plants. These custom tabs can be added to a plant form if you have a premium tier subscription.

We built Plants Map using a generic plant form that can host any type of plant from carrots to redwoods, roses to wildflowers. To increase the ability to customize Plants Map to your botanical interests, we are creating a library of customized plant tabs. These customized plant tabs will group new plant fields that are specific to a type of plant. These custom plant tabs will appear on your plant pages as a new tab alongside the current tabs for: Photos, Plant Details, Growing Details, Notes and Comments.

Today we are announcing the new Iris tab. We are in the process of launching custom plant tabs for Roses, Daylilies, Hostas, Trees and maybe even Tomatoes. If you have an interest in the development and testing of these or other custom tabs we haven’t considered yet, please Contact Us. Our goal is to develop these with our users to meet your needs.

The Iris Tab

Can you name the descriptive parts of an Iris flower? Do you own an award winning Iris or know the parentage of an iris you grow. Do you just want to learn about the genus Iris?

The new custom Iris Tab was developed with collectors to meet their needs for documenting and labeling their display garden or reference collection, as well as to record correct identification needed for flower shows and the registration of new introductions. It is also a helpful tool to introduce more people to the world of growing irises at plant sales.

To see examples of the Iris tab in use visit the following plant stories:

How does the Iris Tab work?

How do I get a customized plant tab?