Ideas to deter theft of plant signs in public gardens

Plants Map signs can be attached to 20″ aluminum stakes. Some public gardens that we work with have a method of putting the end of their stakes in a can, like a coffee can and then filling it with concrete and then burying the can. Believe it or not, we’ve heard of this method from a lot of people over the past year!

When I’ve used clay soil, I’ve found that once the stake is in the ground and left it for a month-or-so, the stakes are pretty hard to remove.

We are researching ways to make the tags and signs even more secure but we think including your name on the sign and having a QR code that only links to your particular plant are deterrents.

For people with a mobile device, there is no longer a need to steal a sign to remember the plant because they can just scan it and save the plant to their favorites to view later or email to themselves.

If you are mounting signs on mature trees, the hardware we include uses a star drive tip on the stainless steel screw so someone would need to have that special star bit to remove the sign.