How to use Plants Map in your growth marketing profiles were built as a way to help solve the challenges of documenting plant information and plant lists. Plants Map has been adopted as tool for educational outreach and enhanced visitor engagement for both public and private landscapes.

But did you know that we have also built some pretty awesome features for organization profiles to work with your marketing and social campaigns to grow your audience of supporters, members, donors or customers?  

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No website? No problem. Your profile can be a stand alone mobile internet option for individuals or groups that do not want to deal with developing a website. Our profile template is easy to use and all your information is cloud based on our servers. No hosting fees, no software to learn, no development tasks, just fill in the blanks and save.  You now have a mobile internet space to share with others about your organization or your brand.  You will get a unique URL that you can share with others via your emails, other social accounts, ecommerce accounts, marketing materials, etc.  

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Marketing tools – After you start your profile now it’s time to take advantage of these marketing tools that come with your organization profile:

  • Call to Action Buttons – All organization profiles can add custom ‘Call to Action’ buttons on their profile to direct visitors to other links like Contact Us, Our Blog, Our Videos, Membership, etc.
  • Links to other social accounts – our template includes the ability to add links to other social accounts like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram.
  • The Network feature allows you to invite others to Connect with your organization to show your members, chapters, customers, clients, supporters, affiliations, etc.  
  • Post news, links, photos, and announcements to share with our community and visitors.
  • Create event pages to share with our audience and to share in your emails, on your website and other social accounts.  

Built to be social:  Your plants, collections and profiles are built to be shared! All content on was built to work with other social channels including Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ and more.

  • Remember to include sharing your profile, plants and collections a part of your social and marketing activities.
    • Tip: Collections get the most engagement! We have found that sharing Collections generates the most interest and engagement when shared via our social channels. People love plant lists and creating a collection is an easy way to organize your plants into lists that educate and engage an audience.
  • Add your Plants Map profile, plants and collection links to your other social channels and within your own blogs or on your website.
  • Use our ‘Find Me’ badges or social icons to add to your website, emails or marketing materials.
  • Remember to include your Plants Map profile URL within your on-site printed materials and signs.
    • Tip: Create a sign to invite visitors to follow your profile, scan your Plants Map tags and signs and ‘like’ your plants and collections!

Free Support: We host weekly online demos or you can contact us to arrange a demo for you our your group. We are happy to help get you started. We also have a library of Help articles and videos here:

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Resource ProfilesPromote your brand, business or service using our Resource profiles. We created a Resource section to make it easier for our organization profiles that want to promote plants for sale, products, or services to be found by our visitors and users.  

Resource profiles have access to these additional premium features:

  • ‘But It’ tab on plant profiles.
  • Add a ‘products’ section for non-plant gardening related items.
  • Ability to advertise on our website at a discounted rate.
  • Ability to sponsor an Ejournal, Events or Shop Resources email.

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