After you create your profile on Plants Map here are some ways to let others know how to find your profile, plant library, and botanical collections.

  • Share your profile, plants and collections to your other social media accounts.
  • Visit our brand assets folder to download logos, social icons and badges.
  • Add a link to your profile or one of our social icons to your website
  • Include your profile information within your email signature.
  • Include your profile information in your newsletter or on your blog.
  • Include the “Find us on Plants Map” badge on your printed materials & advertising.
  • Create a Welcome Sign or flyer with your Plants Map information. See template below.

Find Me on Plants Map Badges

For your website, newsletter or printed materials click and drag the images below to your desktop. Both are sized at 800 x 800.  Or download them from our brand assets folder.



Social Icons

Click and drag to your desktop one of our social icons below for your website. More sizes are available in our brand assets folder.

Plants Map Icon  16×16 PNG

Plants Map Icon  32×32 PNG

Plants Map Icon  128 x128 PNG

Plants Map Icon Round 250 x 250 PNG

Welcome Sign or Flyer Template

If you are a public garden or landscape you may want to use printed materials to let your visitors know they can find you on Plants Map. We suggest this as a template for your printed materials:

Welcome to Cossey Botanical Park 
Learn more about our plants
by visting
Search for: Cossey Botanical Park
Scan one of our Plants Map Tags or Signs
They will take you directly to one of our plants with a link to our profile.
Thank You for Visiting

More Images:

PlantsMap Connecting People With Plants