We ship tag orders via the U.S. Postal Service.  Shipping prices vary with weight of the parcel in ounces or pounds and delivery location. To cover basic handling and materials, our minimum shipping charge is $10, and as shipping rates increase, we increase our shipping charge in $5 increments. So if, for instance, the USPS charges us $17 to ship an order, the shipping charge for that order will be $20.

Below is a chart of our estimated weight for each item including the shipping boxes. The weight has been slightly increased to include packing materials.  Our Long Box has a certified weight limit of 65 lbs and can hold a maximum of 110 stakes with tags.

If you would like an estimate of shipping prior to placing an order please complete the form below with your estimated number of items and your complete shipping address.

If you would like to estimate on your own visit the U.S. Postal Service website and enter From Zip Code 22401 and choose the Select Shape: Large Package.

ItemNumberWeight (oz)
24” x 4” x 4” Long Box (empty)17
14” x 4” x 4” Short Box (empty)15
Hardware Set (Screw, Spring, etc)10.5
Hardware Set (Screw, Spring, etc)105