Growing Garden Trends 2020

We’ve selected our favorite landscape design trends, plant trends and consumer horticulture trends for your 2020 growing season. We hope you enjoy our picks and look forward to seeing what you’re inspired to grow this year on 

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Design Trends

Classic Blue, the PANTONE Color of the Year, brings a sense of peace, tranquility, and reflection to the garden. The color blue is also associated with calm and connection. The color blue can also be used as an anchor color for the eye. True blue flowers are rare in nature, but adding blue elements such as containers, repainting some furniture or adding some new decor in the garden can be an option as well. 

Hydrangea macrophylla 'Blue Danube'Learn more about how our eyes see blue flowers: Are blue flowers a pigment of our imagination?

Top 2020 Garden Trends from Garden Design Magazine include new ways to garden vertically with ideas for apartments, small gardens or if you just want to condense your plantings together on a larger lot.  

‘Riviera Holiday’ is the theme for the 2020 Philadelphia Flower Show. Mediterranean themed display gardens will feature citrus plants and herbs from coastal landscapes with an emphasis on water-wise and sustainable designs. The Philadelphia Flower Show will be February 29 – March 8. 

Exhibiting gardens at the 2020 RHS Chelsea Flower Show will highlight ways to combat climate change. Gardens will feature designs that promote sustainable urban green spaces, a move towards ‘ecological’ landscapes, and a focus on hardscaping elements from renewable sources such as managed woodlands. The RHS Chelsea Flower Show will be May 19-23. 

Sustainability reigns is the 2020 garden trends theme from Sunset Magazine. Firescaping, which creates a natural fire break around your home, is a primary trend and improvement to landscape designs. 

Learn about firewise plants from WSU Extension Stevens County Master Gardener Firewise Garden on Plants Map.

Plant Trends

Pink foliage houseplants are a hot trend on Instagram. However, buyers should be aware that plant fraud is also a growing trend in ‘rare’ collector plants online. Learn How the Pink Princess and the Pink Congo Scam Flourished Online from WIRED.  

Favorite pink foliage plants from Plants Map:

Aralia cordata 'Sun King'

The Perennial Plant Association selected Aralia cordata ‘Sun King’ as the 2020 Perennial Plant of the Year®. Aralia cordata ‘’Sun King’ is a low-maintenance,versatile plant with bold, compound foliage that is deer resistant. Aralia cordata ‘Sun King’ is available from Rare Roots on Plants Map

The 2020 National Garden Bureau “year of the” campaigns include: lavender (perennial), lantana (annual), hydrangea (shrub), iris (bulb), and corn (edible). Learn more about the NGB 2020 campaigns at

AAS 2020 Winners include Rudbeckia x American Gold Rush, Echinacea Sombrero® Baja Burgundy, Coleus Main Street Beale Street, Pea Snak Hero, and Tomato Apple Yellow F1. Learn about All-America Selections Winners at

More plant trends: 

Plants Map Trends

Compton Oak2019 Top Plants, Collections, and Organization Profiles: We wanted to share some of our most viewed plants, collections, and organization profiles from Plants Map this year. 

Montezuma Orchard Restoration Project: An apple revival near Four Corners is restoring hundreds of historic fruits — and the local ag economy | Colorado Sun

Consumer Trends

Ecotourism tourism has become a popular vacation trend. Medium explores How to Do Monarch Butterfly Ecotourism in ways that can be a positive win for both the economy and ecology of a destination. 

Have you ever stopped to think about the distance of the monarch butterfly migration? The Monarch Ultra Relay, a team of pollinator advocates and film-makers, documented the flight of the monarch butterfly as seen through the eyes of ultra-runners. 

Follow The Monarch Ultra Relay

Younger gardeners, plant parenting, more succulents, and kinder gardening are top trends from PennLive Hot Gardening Trends 2020

Highlights from the 2020 Garden Trends Report from Garden Media Group include: 

  • Soil friendly habits are on the rise with more sustainable practices. We will no longer treat our soil like dirt! 
  • Mushrooms are good for us and for the planet. From potentially helping to clean up plastic pollution to being a superfood, the power of mushrooms will be something to behold in 2020.  
  • City dwellers dig nature too and urban community planning will focus on green infrastructure, outdoor recreational districts, and the planting and care of trees. 

Learn about new ways to value trees: Plants Map announces fundraising tool for urban forestry conservation.  

Food Trends

The greenhouse vegetable industry is seeing market growth right now and is well-positioned for future growth as more health-conscious consumers call for clean, safe produce. Growth Outlook for Greenhouse Vegetables Steady Through 2020 from Greenhouse Grower.  

2020 Top Trends from Whole Foods include: 

  • Superfoods from West Africa including moringa and tamarind, and lesser-known cereal grains sorghum, fonio, teff and millet.  
  • Swapping soy for mung bean, hempseed, pumpkin, avocado, and watermelon seed as alternatives for smooth textures in vegan protein powders.  
  • Syrupy reductions from fruit sources like monk fruit, pomegranates, coconut and dates are a trending way to add concentrated, unique flavors into recipes. 

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