It’s that time of the year again to start making plans for your 2019 growing season. We’ve pulled together a number of different gardening trends from around the internet, social media and on that we’ve been keeping an eye on to share with you.

We hope you enjoy our picks for 2019 and look forward to seeing what inspires you on

Tracy Blevins Connecting People With Plants
Featured in the cover photo: Vinca Tattoo™ 

Design Trends

Zinnia Queeny Lime Orange

Living Coral, the PANTONE Color of the Year 2019, invites us to dive deep into a color that is optimistic, joyful, and playful. Shades of coral can be perceived as red, pink or orange making it a versatile color choice in the garden. Some of our favorite plant picks to add this color trend to your garden include: 

Trees take center stage as the RHS Chelsea Flower Show preview indicates the top trend will be reconnecting with nature by creating gardens based on woodlands and forests. Trees are expected to be the central unifying presence among the designs. The RHS Back to Nature garden design will include a forest glade with large hollow logs for children to crawl through and tree houses to explore. Those sound like elements I want in my garden too! The RHS Chelsea Flower Show will be May 21-25, 2019.

A couple of favorite tree picks from

Crapemyrtle Garnet Queen™

Balcony gardens, hydrangeas, and container gardening are three of the Garden Design-Related Trends on Social Media Worth Watching from Greenhouse Growers.   

Plant Trends

Hot for Hibiscus: Tropical and hardy hibiscus having been winning awards at numerous trade shows. Here’s a few of our favorite picks:

Impatiens, zinnia, and vinca top the best new annual flowers of 2019 from PennLive:

      • Vinca Tattoo™

        Impatiens Imara XDR Series is a new line of old-fashioned impatiens that fight off deadly downy mildew disease.

      • Vinca Tattoo is an exciting new color series with multicolored patterns on big flowers.  
      • Zinnia Holi Scarlet is new selection that demonstrates shade tolerance and mildew-resistance. Zinnia Holi Scarlet is also a 2019 AAS Flower Winner.

More plant trends from

Consumer Trends

Rooted Together was the 2019 theme for the Garden Media Group’s Garden Trend Report. Our favorite themes from the report included:

      • Indoors is the new outdoors with the increased popularity of biophilic design, the desire to nurture houseplants that in turn improve ones health and well-being, and incorporating natural elements and materials into our surroundings.
      • Earth guardians young and old are uniting to create a ‘new environmentalist’ movement that includes supporting brands that are making altruistic and positive change in their world. Volunteerism is making a return especially among younger generations which are particularly attracted to ‘greater good’ causes such as planting trees and community gardening.
      • Robo gardening will draw upon advances in technology to help with increasing climate challenges, improve sustainable agriculture, and tools that make gardening easier and better connect us with our plants and landscapes.

RoboSmart from Garden Media Group

Do it for me and one stop garden shopping are two of our favorite takeaways from Monrovia’s Top 7 Garden Trends.

      • Although more households than ever (74%) are incorporating some form of gardening, not everyone enjoys being a gardener. Enjoying a garden and working in a garden are two different things entirely. More Americans (40%) now look to designers, landscapers, and other professionals to help with their outdoor beautification.
      • More and more garden-centers are incorporating activities that creates a destination experience by adding workshops, family events, food-trucks, and additional product lines such as skin care and farm-to-table foods.   

Plants Map Trends

Some of the trends that we see on include

Food Trends

Cabbage Crystal Vantage courtesy of National Garden Bureau

Cabbage makes a comeback and orange wine is a thing, who knew? I didn’t. From Food Trends 2019, expect to see trendy new recipes for cabbage leaf enchiladas, cabbage chips, cabbage lasagna. And not that fruit wines are anything new, but apparently people are now craving orange wine. Find it listed under ‘other’ white wines.

Kimchi goes mainstream. That’s right, fermented foods are expected to be ever increasingly popular on restaurant menus. I guess the cabbage trend above will fit right in with this trend as well. I wonder if anyone told them that 2017 was the NGB Year of the Brassica?  

Crops under cover are gaining in popularity as ‘protected agriculture’ looks for ways to raise more food in controlled environments.

Faux meat snacks makes the Whole Foods Market top 10 food trends  including plant-based jerky and pork rinds. Yummy.

Jiminy Cricket! I not only ran into the the cricket food trend once, but several times. I know it’s not plant based, but you can find them in your garden. And this trend is so popular there’s even a new cricket powder start-up. To become an Orthoptera connoisseur here’s how to tell a cricket from a grasshopper. And for your next potluck, the best ways to cook insects: fried, steamed, toasted or grilled