PlantsMap Tag Tiny Glow

Don’t forget your plants this winter!

PlantsMap Tag Tiny GlowImagine walking around your garden in the late fall or winter when everything except for your evergreens are now leafless or plants have retreated back to their roots for the season. How can you tell the plants in your lily bed apart or remember which of your roses was the double bloomer?

Now you can enjoy your plants year-round! 

Plants Map Tags have a QR code that links your mobile phone to your plant’s online My Plants Map journal page.

Scan the Plants Map Tag for this lily and your phone will display the journal page for this specific plant, Lilium ‘Tiny Glow’, on your mobile web browser.

Now you can read your notes while in your garden on your smartphone or tablet and view your photos you took throughout the year on your desktop.

Plants Map tags and signs scan directly to each of your individual My Plants Map plant pages. They are affordable, extremely durable, and best of all easy to make because we do that for you. No more spreadsheets or running out of printer labels.

Learn more about interactive plant tags and signs and how to request a sample tag or order a sample box with stakes at