Notes on Plants Map Release 15  – November 1, 2015

  • Sign-up/Sign-in Improvements: New sign-up procedure where once the user has signed-up they will be routed to edit their individual profile page first. Once they choose Save they will see a pop-up window with options to Follow Others, Add Plants or Create an Organization.
  • Sign up/Sign in Page: There is now a stand alone page for Sign-up and Sign-in at
  • Profile Strength: All users will be shown their profile strength visible to them only. Along with the strength they will also be shown actions and points on how they can further increase their profile. The same metrics apply to both individual & organization profiles.
  • Icon Consistency: We have made changes to the icons on the overall site for consistency. Icons have been updated for new Individual Profiles, Organization Profiles, Plants, Collections. Icons have also been updates for the page sections of Plants, Collections, Community & Network.  The icon on a plant to represent a tag or sign has been ordered has also be updated to a QR code icon.
  • Organization Connections: An organization profile can take the action of Connecting to another organization profile. This role can only be approved as a Connection and will not have owner or admin abilities to edit or add content.
  • Manage Network (Organization Profiles): Owners and Admins will see themselves in the Manage Network list.
  • Map & Location Fields: Users will be able to enter location information for a Plant, Collection, Organization or Profile by choosing any of the following: Enter Address, Enter Lat-Long data, or Find My Location.