Release 23 Updates

Plant Profiles: More than 30 changes and improvements have been made to the plant profile pages. Those changes include improvements in viewing the profiles as well as when editing the profiles. Highlights of the changes include:

  • Improvements to the sharing functionality of a plant profile page and to the sharing toolbar.
  • Improvements to the design and layout of user actions and options.
  • The plant story has an improved formatting toolbar.
  • Created by an updated on have been added to the main plant story.
  • The collection location will now show in top main plant story section.
  • New comment tab added. Plant tabs are now: photos, plant details, growing details, notes, comments.
  • Photos tab improvements including larger photos and the ability to select photos to edit captions and change other settings.
  • Plant details section: dates for when a plant is acquired and planted can be entered with a YYYY/MM/DD format (example 1985/04/12).
  • Growing details section: the growing preference fields have been moved to the top.
  • Average height & width can be expressed in ranges now such as 3 – 4 feet tall.
  • Flowering period now has choices by month.
  • Soil preferences added: Well Drained, Moist, Dry, Wet
  • New Water Requirements: Low, Medium, High
  • USDA Hardiness Zones can now be selected and a zone find link has been added.

Search: Improved results when searching for plants with higher rank given to plants with a photo, botanical name or common name associated, and some story details provided.

Release 18 Updates

Como_CollectionViewCollections and Subcollections:A new and improved layout has been implemented for the Collection and Subcollection pages. These pages will now follow a similar look to that of the plant form pages using tabs to navigate the sections. These changes make the pages more visually appealing, functional, and allow for more plants to be seen per screen.

  • The Collections page tabs are photos, plants, subcollections, and map.
  • The Subcollection page tabs are photos, plants, map.

Plant List Views: The ability to switch between viewing plants in a photo grid or a list view has been additionally implemented in Collection views as well as when viewing others plants or Collections. Look for the photo grid or list view icon on the following pages: