February 2015 Journal Update: Countdown to Spring!

JournalMarch1Hello everyone! Where did February go? It passed so fast we almost forgot to write our monthly update!

Are you counting down the days to March 20th like us?

Before we get started, we want to thank and welcome the many new profiles grow the community of people interested in plants and gardens. If you haven’t visited recently check out our Explore pageand see what’s growing. We also added maps on several new pages on the site and now you can drag and drop the pin to locate your plants and build your garden map. You can view the overall map page by clicking here.

Site Update

For several months now we have been working with our developers on a new website. We are in the stage where we are testing drafts of “live” web pages, adding plants and photos. We couldn’t be more excited and can’t wait to show you in a few weeks and launch the new site in early May!

We are still making daily updates and improvements to our existing site so we encourage you to start a profile for yourself or your organization. We’ll make sure everything gets moved over into the new site. If you have questions or need help simply send us a note.

Free Sample Tags

We sent out about 150 tag samples in February to gardens all over the world. If you haven’t requested a sample yet to see our tags in person, just fill out this form and tell us where to mail the tag. After you get your sample, or if you have already received one, we would love (and greatly appreciate) hearing your feedback so we can keep improving.

Featured Organization

Please visit the growing profile of the Fenner Nature Center and see their Pollinator Garden as they start to add their photos.

We would love to meet you at these upcoming events!

Tracy Blevins will be attending the Chicago Flower Show  on March 14-22 and participating in a live #Gardenchat Tweetup. Join in on Twitter, March 16 at 9pm ET.

We’ve added a few new help articles: