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Each year we enjoy gathering together the best of the best plants to share with you that have received designation as a “plant of the year” by various entities.  

Plants included here have received a botanical award of merit or recognition based on varying criteria and from different organizations and sources. If we have missed any botanical honors of distinction, please let us know. 

Not all plants have been awarded yet and are chosen at different times of the year as noted. Please check back to see more winners as they are announced. 

Please join us in celebrating this year’s collection of Plants of the Year! We hope you will pick a winner to grow in your garden or landscape as well. 

Plants of the Year winners from previous years can bee seen here: 

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2020 Plants of the Year

Annual of the Year from Proven Winners – The  Diamond Collection of Euphorbia 

Annual from National Garden Bureau – Year of the Lantana 

Bulb from National Garden Bureau – Year of the Iris 

Conifers from the American Conifer Society – Collector Conifers of the Year 2020: Abies lasiocarpa ‘Green Globe’, Ginkgo biloba ‘Clica’, Picea abies ‘Acro-yellow’, Pinus koraiensis ‘Morris Blue’, Pinus contorta var. latifolia ‘Taylor’s Sunburst’, Pinus mugo ‘Paul’s Dwarf’, Pinus thunbergii ‘Shirome janome’.  

Cut Flowers of the Year the Association of Specialty Cut Flower Growers: To be announced.  

Daffodil John and Gertrude Wister Award from the American Daffodil Society: ‘Sir Winston Churchill’  

Sir Winston Churchill Daffodil

Dahlia Stanley Johnson Award from The American Dahlia Society: To be announced in September 

Daylily Stout Silver Medal winner awarded by the American Hemerocallis Society: To be announced in July 

Edible from National Garden Bureau – Year of the Corn 

Edible 2020 Green Thumb Awards from the Direct Gardening Association: KangaRhu Rhubarb and Treasure Island Sweet Potatoes

Herb Notable Native Herbs from the Herb Society of America: Claytonia virginica and Hamamelis virginiana. 

Herb of the Year™ from the The International Herb Association: Rubus species    

Holly of the Year by the Holly Society of America: Ilex opaca ‘Dan Fenton’

Hosta of the Year by the American Hosta Growers: Hosta ‘Dancing Queen’

Hosta of the Year™ from Proven Winners: Hosta SHADOWLAND® ‘Coast to Coast’  

Hydrangea of the Year™ from Proven Winners: Hydrangea arborescens Invincibelle® Ruby 

Iris The American Dykes Memorial Medal from The American Iris Society: To be announced in May

Ornamental Plants, Bulbs and Seeds – 2020 Green Thumb Awards from the Direct Gardening Association: European Beech InstantHedge and Clematis ‘Lady Kyoko’ 

Perennial Plant of the Year™ by the Perennial Plant Association: Aralia cordata ‘Sun King’

Perennial from National Garden Bureau: Year of the Lavender

Perennial Plant of the Year by the Garden Club of America: Geum triflorum

Perennial of the Year™ from Proven Winners: ‘Denim Lace’ Perovskia

Rose from American Garden Rose Selections™ Award – Belinda’s Blush, Canyon Road, Cole’s Settlement, Lemon Fizz, Naga Belle, Wedding Bells, Princesse Charlene de Monaco  

Rose Master Rose Awards from the AmericanRose Trials for Sustainability™: To be announced in May. 

Rose of the Year™ from Proven Winners: Oso Easy Double Red® Rose

TPIE 2020 Favorite New Foliage Plant Award: Monstera deliciosa ‘Thai Constellation’ 

Canada Blooms Flower of the Year for 2020: Sincerity Dahlia

Shrub Landscape Shrub of the Year™ from Proven Winners: Gem Box® Ilex glabra

Shrub Flowering Shrub of the Year™  from Proven Winners: Blue Chiffon® Hibiscus 

Shrub Shrub Madness Winner from Proven Winners: To be announced in March 

Tree Urban Tree of the Year by the The Society of Municipal Arborists (SMA): Hackberry (Celtis occidentalis) 

Wildflower of the Year by the NC Botanical Garden and the Garden Club of North Carolina: Marsh-pink (Sabatia angularis) 

Wildflower of the Year from the Virginia Native Plant Society: Wild Geranium (Geranium maculatum) 

2020 All-America Selections Winners – The best new varieties of vegetables and flowers grown from seed or young plants as determined by All-America Selections judges. 

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