You can view plants in a photo grid or in a list view within your My Plants Map page or when viewing plants, collections, or subcollections of other profiles.

List View

Look for this icon to toggle between the photo grid view and the list view.List View IconYou will find this icon:

  • On the top of your ‘My Plants Map’ page to see the list of all the plants in your library.
  • On the ‘plants’ tab for each of your collections and subcollections.
  • When viewing other profiles by their entire plant list or by each collection, subcollection.

List View – Header Sort Options

The list view is automatically sorted by last added or updated. The top menu allows you to sort by the options in the header:

  • Plants with photos
  • Title
  • Accession ID
  • Botanical Name
  • Common Name
  • Is the plant mapped
  • Does the plant have an QR code tag

The icons indicate if the data is: available (green), not available (red), or if a map location is private (yellow).

List View Icons

The A-B-C- bar allows you to jump alphabetically by the title field.

List View A-Z