Can I Gift A Profile & Plant Labels?

Sign_on_StakeWe are frequently asked how to give Plants Map plant labels as a gift to a gardener or garden. Below we provide steps on how we recommend gifting a profile and custom labels.

If you already have a Plants Map profile and you’d like to let others know you’d love to have custom labels, simply create a collection with a title such as “Plant Labels Needed” and add your plants then share share with your friends, family or on your social accounts. Indicate within either the collection or on each plant your choice of tag, sign or type of hardware such as stakes, branch ties or tree kit.

If you want to give a Plants Map profile and custom plant labels as a gift:

  • Start a profile using your own email. (If you use their email they will get a welcome notification and that would ruin the surprise!)
  • Add a few plants that you know they have to the new profile.
  • Skip adding location information for plants, collections, or profile for now.
  • Visit our main Tag information page for further details on how to begin your order.
  • After we ship the order to you and you have given your Plants Map gift, just contact us and we can switch the email on the account to work with their email address. The gift recipient can then complete their profile information, add photos and add more plants.

Once the profile is live and plants have been added, our normal turnaround time to get the order prepared and produced is about 3-4 business days. We normally ship via Priority U.S. Mail. If you need faster delivery let us know and we can work with you on getting your package more quickly.