Bring home the bronze, silver and gold to your landscape

Plants that bring home the bronze, silver and gold to your landscape.   


Bronze is an interesting element of color in the garden. This color can most often be achieved through foliage but there are a few flowers in the list below too. Bronze is most often described botanically as a brownish orange. I think of it as either a background color, an accent color or a seasonal color. I most often think of this color in the fall when many ornamental grasses will take on some element of bronze to their foliage or seed-heads. Many conifers are also described as having a winter foliage described often as bronze, so don’t assume it’s dead! That’s part of the interesting appeal of conifers in the winter garden.


Probably the best reason I have to add silver to your garden is how beautiful it looks in the evening garden. They seem to just capture the moonlight and glow in the dark. While most plants on this list are foliage plants, there are a few white flowers described as silver. I have listed one Iris but I have seen many with shades of silver that are outstanding. Silver foliage and flowers can also add a bright spot to the shade garden as well. I have found however, I do not like my silver foliage plants near any shades of bright green or chartreuse. You can also find many conifers that can add year-round silver interest to your garden and many of those have a nice compact, dwarf size.


I think gold is probably the hardest of the three colors to nail down here because what is gold? I think it is the hardest to represent because do you think of gold as yellow or as orange? I tend to lean toward the yellow end of the spectrum here in my choices. To me I think of gold in the shiny lighter 14k type of representation. Again, conifer and foliage plants are the most interesting choices to me. I think this color, out of the three, is the one that can be more easily adapted to year-round interest with many choices of plants for both shade and sun.

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