August New Features Update

Follow__ConnectWe’ve been busy here at Plants Map and we want to update you on new features we’ve recently added to enhance your user experience.

FOLLOW other users: Users can now Follow individuals and organizations that are of interest to them. Following other profiles will customize your Home page experience with updates from those that you Follow on Plants Map. See our Help article: What does it mean to Follow someone?

CONNECT with Organizations: Invite your members, volunteers, customers, staff and more to join your Organization Network on Plants Map.  See these two Help articles for more information: Organization Network Connection Roles and What’s the difference between Connect and Follow?

PHOTO GALLERIES are now back within the Collections and Subcollections pages on the site: You can add landscape photos to your collection. See How do I add a photo gallery to a collection?

CAPTIONS are now an option on your photos within your plant photo gallery, your collections and subcollection photo galleries. See How to Add Captions to Photos

EXPORT YOUR PLANT LIST: You can now export your plants into a spreadsheet.  This is the first step in simplifying our tag and sign ordering process. We will also add more functionality to this tool for additional use cases and add more export field options. See: Can I export my plants?

We are also inviting beta users interested in testing our new RESOURCE section. For more information and to sign up visit

We have learned that many of our organizations rely on grants for assistance with funding improvements  to their landscapes. We have started a Journal on GRANT RESOURCES to assist with finding funding for your organization. If you know of other resources please use the Contact Us form to share with us.

Finally, one more exciting new feature we’ve been working on will launch in a few weeks. In addition to being able to customize your “Home” page News feed by following other profiles on the site, users will get the ability to post photos, website links, and comments to the News section.

Our community is growing with each new profile, organization, landscape, garden and plant. To grow your world on Plants Map we invite you to Explore the community and then Sign Up to Follow other users, Connect with Organizations, and Like Plants that you experience on Plants Map.

New Help Articles: