Announcing a new updated look and feel to Plants Map organization profiles


Based on user feedback, our organization profiles needed a unique and different look and feel to them that would set them apart from the profiles of individual users on Plants Map.

Today we are happy to introduce the new updated look for all organization profiles.  The functionality and edit ability remains the same, but the new look gives an enhanced professional appearance to these profiles.

One big visual change you will notice is that organization pages now have a cover photo in addition to their profile photo.  When you enter edit mode, you will see the option to upload both a cover photo and a profile photo (the smaller round badge icon) for your organization.

Although the functionality remains the same, we have moved a few menu items around.

Cossey_OwnerAdminHow to edit and manage the new organization profile

  1. Switch to acting as your organization profile using the top profile menu (circled in photo example).
  2. The EDIT and MANAGE NETWORK links are now in the upper left of the page (circled in photo example).
  3. Click on EDIT to update your organization page with a new cover photo and other updates you wish to make.
  4. The MANAGE NETWORK link is also now in the upper left below the EDIT link.  Organization Owners or Admins can click MANAGE NETWORK to review and approve Connection requests and assign roles to their Organization page.

Additional visual changes

Your Followers / Following stats are now in the upper right.

Below the profile photo is your Plants Map website link, location and contact information, social links and website link.

Below that visitors will see the option to Follow and Connect with your profile.

The optional Call-to-Action buttons are next followed by an About section, and the News section feed of our posted news, updates, shares or announcements.

The sections displaying your plants, collections, network and map remain the same.

A re-vamp of the organization profiles also allows us a step in the direction of being able to offer additional paid premium functionality to these profiles for those that want to be known as Resources.  Those features will include the ability to promote events, products, and services.

We hope you will take a moment to add or update your new organization profile and invite you to try posting news, announcements or botanical shares of interest to our community as well.