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At this time, per our Terms of Service, we can only accept and approve Resource profiles with services, products, and plants available within the United States.

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Terms of Service:

Our guidelines:

  • All advertised or promoted content on Plants Map should enhance our visitor and user experience and be appropriate and legal for all ages.  
  • You are responsible for making sure your ads and promoted content are in accordance with and follow all relevant laws, regulations and industry codes.
  • All parts of your promoted content, including the image, description, destination, and audience targeting, must meet all relevant laws and regulations.  
  • Be truthful, real and promote who you are and what you actually offer.
  • Be specific and clear in your message.
  • Do not make false or misleading claims.
  • Do not infer a false sense of urgency to an offer.
  • Be thoughtful and respect others with your content.
  • Do not use shocking, sensational, controversial or profane images or phrases.
  • Ads should be correctly spelled and use correct grammar and appropriate punctuation.
  • Ads should include attractive, high quality images that are owned by you.
  • Ads must not discriminate, threaten or encourage discrimination or threats against people or a group.
  • Ads should not imply a Plants Map endorsement or partnership.

Specific Content Not Allowed

This list is a guideline and may not be inclusive of all items that can be rejected. Any content that violates our Terms of Service or Community Guidelines.

  • Any illegal activity.
  • Products from any endangered or threatened species, including plants and animals. (
  • Imitation or counterfeit goods or documents.
  • Tobacco  (
  • Alcohol
  • Weapons, ammunition, and explosives  
  • Healthcare services, pharmacies, prescription drugs, supplements, medical devices, illicit drugs, herbal remedies, drug paraphernalia.
  • Weight loss products, services or devices.
  • Sexual products and services, pornography, nudity or sexually suggestive content.
  • Online dating or dating services.
  • Badware, spyware, malware and hacking.
  • Online gambling, lotteries, contests, games of skill, sweepstakes.
  • Incentives such as directions to click, like or share content from others to get money, prizes or offers.
  • Unacceptable business practices. This includes business models that use deceptive tactics or make false promises including pyramid schemes, ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes, payday loans, paycheck advances, lending, penny auctions, bidding fee auctions or other similar business models.
  • Political or campaign ads.

Rules of Conduct: Efforts to directly monetize your profile (e.g., you may not sell access to your account or collect payment from endorsers) are prohibited. Use of our tools, such as collection or plant stories, can not be monetized or appear as though they are being monetized. Solely creating a collection for the purpose of sponsorship acknowledgement would be interpreted as monetizing the collection. See more Rules of Conduct within our full Terms of Service.

Please also review our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, Copyright PolicyCommunity Guidelines, and Advertising Pricing.  Thank you.