How to Add Plants

See this help article with detailed steps of a plant page form:

Is there a list to choose from?

See this help article on how to find and add core plants to your My Plants Map library:

Can I “turn off” fields that we’re not using so that they are not visible to the user/viewer?

At the moment you don’t have the ability to customize the plant form but this is something we are working toward. We do want to build the ability to turn on/off fields and to only display fields where data has been entered.

Can I add fields or submit fields that I need?

We are always open to ideas and like to hear from our users as to how our plant form can be improved. Our goal is the basic form can be used by the widest possible audience for just about any type of plant. We are building additional premium plant modules with fields specific to certain plants. If you have a request or need for a plant module please contact us.

Is there a ‘saved draft’ mode so that edits to the page can be made before being published for the public to see?

No, we don’t have a draft mode for plant profiles. Our concept is that the plant profiles are ‘living’ content that change over time with more information, photos, notes, reference links being added. This way the plants grow with more content for the user and engaging your followers or audience with updates.

Can you add categories for a genus?

We do from time to time add an additional category but our goal in this section is to provide a short list of very wide groupings such as Grasses or Ferns. We have chosen not to add a specific genus as a category because we want to keep the categories simple and not deeply divided to avoid a very long list of choices. What we suggest is to include the binomial plant name in the botanical name field and use the genus and species fields as well. This allows me to sort by botanical name, resulting in a sort by genus. We are building a plant finder tool that will enhance the search ability to find plants by the fielded data provided. You can also make collections or subcollections by genus as well.

More Help topics on Adding Plants

We love to talk with other plant people to hear ideas and suggestions. We wanted to build Plants Map so that it would work for a variety of plant collectors, collections, landscapes, organizations and causes. We found many tools, apps, or websites built specifically for a certain group or category of plant or interest.  We want to be a blank canvas that works for the widest amount of users and build additional tools and features so that Plants Map can transform to meet different uses and needs.