2018 Instagram Best Nine from Plantsmap.com

2018 Instagram Best Nine It’s time to celebrate our ‘best nine’ 2018 photos on Instagram once again. Links to the plant’s story with additional photos and growing information are provided below. All photos were taken by Plantsmap.com co-founders Tracy Blevins or Bill Blevins.

We hope you enjoy learning more about the plants behind our #2018bestnine on Instagram. Thanks for the likes and engagement! We invite you to document your plants and collections on Plantsmap.com as well.

#1 Helleborus ‘Sparkling Diamond’

Helleborus 'Sparkling Diamond'

#2 Amaryllis (Hippeastrum) Evergreen

#3 Salix gracilistyla ‘Melanostachys’ (Black Pussy Willow)

Salix gracilistyla 'Melanostachys'

#4 Convallaria majalis (Lily of the Valley)

Lily of the Valley

#5 Narcissus ‘Jenny’ (Indoor Bulb Garden Collection)

Narcissus Jenny

#6 Prunus mume ‘Hokkai Bungo’

#7 Jeffersonia diphylla (Twinleaf)

Jeffersonian diphylla

#8 Liriodendron tulipifera (Tulip Tree)
Tulip Tree

And a tie for #9

#9 Hibiscus coccineus (Scarlet Rose-Mallow)

Hibiscus coccineus

#9 Viburnum plicatum var. tomentosum ‘Summer Snowflake’

Viburnum Summer Snowflake