2016 Best Nine on Instagram from Plants Map

The following plants were our most popular #2016bestnine photos on Instagram from @PlantsMap.  Photos were taken by co-founders Tracy and Bill Blevins. See more photos and learn the stories behind these #2016bestnine plants below.

#1 Southern Red Oak – Our subject of tree envy. 40 photos.

#2 Tall Joe Pye Weed – Sharing the spotlight with an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail butterfly. 13 photos.

#3 Warty Pumpkin – I was surprised at the love to this warty pumpkin, from a Pumpkin Collection with 14 photos.

#4 Bog Sage – The lovely blue flowers attract attention. 10 photos.

#5 Viburnum Cardinal Candy – So glad a Viburnum made the list this year. 7 photos.

#6 Rough Gentian – 1 of two gentians to make the list. This one was blooming in November. 13 photos.

#7 Picea abies ‘Perry’s Gold’ – Love the new fresh golden foliage on this Norway Spruce. 6 photos.

#8 Closed Gentian – This one has made the list 2 years in a row now! 8 photos.

#9 Japanese Joe Pye Weed – Pink clusters of flowers in October. 6 photos.


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Thanks for the Instagram likes and I hope to see and learn more about your plants on Plants Map.

Tracy Blevins
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