Welcome to Plantsmap.com. We are excited to share with you an easy to learn collection tool that allows you to create mobile digital plant solution lists for your customers, staff, clients, and social media campaigns.   

Mobile digital plant solution lists help share the unique story of your plants and they can be customized to fit your sales goals, your merchandising, your customers or clients, and your plants.

  • We know that today’s consumers shop day and night, rain or shine using their computers, tablets and phones.  
  • We know that consumers and our social audience shop from plant lists that are educational and informative.  
  • We know that consumers view a digital plant solution list as a convenience that saves them time when shopping.

There’s A New Solution – And It’s Not Another App!

We know you have plant solution lists and we want to share with you how to move them from your paper lists on your walls to your consumer’s computer, phone or tablet.  

PlantsMap.com is not an app. Plants Map is a mobile website that can be accessed from any computer, tablet or smartphone.  With no download and no sign in, that means it is easier to access your plant solution lists by your consumers and staff.

If you have tried creating this on your own website, other social sites or within other tools or apps you know it can be a challenge. The same tools that plant collectors, schools, universities, parks, trails, and other public landscapes are using to educate their visitors can also be applied to horticultural  businesses and brands.

Keep It Simple and Short

  • A plant solution list does not have to be a long inventory to be effective.
  • In fact, we recommend a short list with a creative approach.
  • A collection should be a short concise list to save customers time and not overwhelm them with plant choices.
  • See our example of a Pizza Garden with only four plants. Think about how you could visually merchandise this collection in your store too. 

Take the First Step in Going Digital

Plantsmap.com is mobile, marketing tool that makes it easy to share your content and works with your website, blog, email newsletters, and social campaigns.   Contact us at [email protected] if you have questions, want help with getting started, or would like to schedule a demo for your team.

Watch our video on how to create a collection