Rose TabThe Plants Map Rose Tab is $99.

Once you have subscribed to the Rose Tab you will see a ‘Tabs’ dropdown menu when in edit mode for a plant page. Select Rose from the dropdown menu and the Rose Tab will appear on the plant form (see below).

Custom Plant Tab

See Violet’s Pride™ Downton Abbey Floribunda Rose by Bill Blevins for an example of the Rose Tab in use.

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The Rose Tab Fields: 

  • Rose Name

  • Rose Cultivar / Variety

  • Rose trade name

  • Patent #

  • Classification: Wild/Species Rose, Old Garden Rose, Modern Garden Rose

  • Flower Color

    Fragrance strength

  • Fragrance description

  • Bud form / shape

  • Flower form / shape

  • Flower Size

  • Petal count

  • Characteristics

  • Plant Habit

  • Growth habit

  • Foliage description
  • Foliage Color

  • Disease Resistance

  • Black Spot Resistant?

  • Parentage

  • Introduced by

  • Brand Collection

  • Introduction year

  • Awards


Violet’s Pride™ Downton Abbey Floribunda Rose by Bill Blevins example

Rose Tab Violet's Pride