This was a great question from one of our users.

We can move or copy plants to a new profile upon request from the current owner of the plants. Plants with tags or signs can be redirected to the new owner as well.

We suggest the following for residential properties:

Organize your My Plants Map library into 1 collection for your current property. You can create subcollections by planting beds, types of collections such as roses or trees or however you would like to further organize them.

If you move and want to transfer or duplicate this collection for the new owner, having the plantings in 1 collection will make it much easier. Once it is determined between you and the new owner how you want to proceed, use our Contact Us form to send us the request.

There may be several scenarios between the current owner and new owner.

  • Owner takes their plant tags to their new home to re-use as they replant the same plants. In this scenario we suggest not using a ‘landscape name’ on the plant tags.
  • Owner leaves their tags for the new owner but new owner does not want a Plants Map profile. No change is needed.
  • Owner leaves their tags for the new owner and the new owner wants them under their own new Plants Map Profile.  Contact Us about either duplicating or moving the plants to the new owner.  We will re-direct the tags/signs to the new owners profile and library.

In any case, a solution is a do-able based on what works best for the current and new plant owners.