Plants_Map_TagIn preparation for the launch of the redesigned site in a few weeks, I wanted to share one significant update with you:

We’ve significantly dropped the price of our interactive plant tags and signs.

Why did we do that?

When we launched last year, we didn’t set out to build a “plant tag company.”

We really host plant collections and web pages for individual plants. We are building a social community around that where anyone interested in plants, gardens and green spaces can connect. The tags we manufacture are simply one of the ways we can help people connect to plants.

If you own a plant that has a tag, you can scan the tag to quickly add photos and keep journal notes. If you manage a large inventory of trees, you can scan the tag to keep your records. If you are visiting a business or a garden that uses the tags, you can scan the tag to learn more about the plants you see.

How can we afford this?

We are making enough plant tags and signs now that we are getting quantity discounts on our raw materials. We also bought a laser engraving machine and brought the tag production in-house.

Both of these things have significantly cut costs, and we are passing on those savings in our pricing.Tags are not required to use Plants Map, but they are so useful we want everyone to try them.

Tags are not required to use Plants Map, but they are so useful we want everyone to try them.

You can click here to learn more about the plant tags and signs.

When is the new site launching?

We started working on data migration from the current site from the old site to the new site this morning. We expect the new design will be finished next Wednesday. As soon as these two things are complete and we’ve checked all of the links to make sure everything works, we will “flip the switch” and turn on the new site. All of the features will not be finished, but from that point on, we’ll be releasing new features every two weeks.

The new site has cool social features including a personalized feed where you can keep up with the plants, people and organizations you follow and favorite as they add and update their plants.

We are also spending the next few weeks working with businesses to add their profiles and list the plants they grow and sell along with their stories and photos. If you are a business and would like to be on the site when we launch, just contact us and we can help with importing your data.

If you are a blogger or a journalist who would like more information for a story on the launch of our new site, please let us know!

Thank you for using Plants Map and please share our story with anyone you know who is interested in plants and gardens.