If you’ve purchased Plants Map stakes with interactive tags or signs and it was for one of your plants that died, you may want to throw away the label but save the stake to reuse it again for another plant.

Removing tags and signs from Plants Map stakes is nearly impossible without damaging the label or bending the stake. Here’s a trick to separate them if you need to do that.

Heat the tag with a hot blow dryer or a heat gun until you can wiggle the tag on the stake. Then, slide a piece of 20 lb. test fishing line between the stake and tag and cut through the double-sided tape. The two should then separate easily.

To clean up the excess tape left on the stake, use your thumb and begin at one corner of the tape and roll it off of the stake while the glue is still warm. If you are doing a few at a time you shouldn’t have any problem but I find that after about 10 my thumb starts to get really sore but I haven’t found a better way to remove the tape yet than just using my fingers.

Most of the time the tape will come off cleanly and you may not even need to clean it more. However, if there is still some sticky residue left on the stake, a little Goo-Gone will remove the rest and leave a clean stake that is ready for reuse.

We purchase VHB exterior tape on large rolls that only have tape on one side, so we can’t sell you additional tape unless we stick it to a stake but you can purchase a small roll of VHB Scotch / 3M brand double-sided exterior tape at most office supply stores. I’ve found it at both Staples and Office Depot.