Plantsmap Tag Sign PhotosWe wanted to share some of the photos we have started to collect and receive of Plants Map tags and signs. We would love to see your tags and signs in use in your landscape or botanical collection. Here’s 3 ways to send them to us:

We will add them to our Collection: Connecting People With Plants. Also see our testimonials page at



QR icon top right

Did you know when you see a plant on with a QR code icon in the corner of the cover photo that means it has a Plants Map tag or sign?

This is to help profile owners and visitors know what has been identified in a landscape or a botanical collection using Plants Map.

Below are a few examples of the many places you might find Plants Map tags and signs in use. Click on the photo to visit and follow their profile page. Also visit our collection: Connecting People With Plants for more photos.


Tag Branch Cossey2

Cossey Park Arboretum

Commercial Landscapes

Granite Ridge Builders

Granite Ridge Builders

Gardens, parks, trails and other public landscapes 

Spotsylvania Greenways Initiative

Spotsylvania Greenways Initiative

Universities, colleges and schools

UDC Sensory Garden

FIT Botanical Garden

Randolph Macon College

Randolph Macon College